Angus Council has embarked on its planned refurbishment of the interior of Carnoustie Library, but the Charrette Report also identified scope for opening up the areas to the front, side and rear of the Library, creating another link between the High Street and the area beside the Co-op.

There is potential to remove the wall between the Co-op and the east side of the Library, allowing access all the way round to rear of the Library which could contain sheltered landscaped garden and seating areas or children’s play area. A dementia Garden was another suggestion. The Lochty Burn runs down the side of the Co-op car park but is hidden between concrete walls and an overgrown undergrowth of weeds and shrubs.

Looking longer term, if the Railway Authorities could be persuaded to allow community access to the disused railway sidings to the south of the Co-op car park, it might even be possible to build an attractive landscaped footpath from the opened up library ‘gardens’, meandering down to a landscaped community garden/community orchard area on the site of the railway sidings, with raised beds and seating to enjoy views across the railway to the Tay Estuary and Fife beyond, and to watch the passing trains and wonder who the passengers are and where and what they are travelling to or from. (OK maybe that’s something a nosey/curious few would want to indulge in – but you should try it sometime!)

The Council is to be meeting with local organisations, including CCDT, to discuss options.