Board of Directors

The constitution (Memorandum and Articles of Association) of CCDT provides for a Board of up to 12 Directors, but the formation of a community development trust as a limited company requires the initial formation of a volunteer Board of Interim Directors.

The draft constitution was the subject of consultation with members of the former Carnoustie Development Group whose membership included members of the public and representatives of a number of community groups such as Carnoustie Community Council, Colourful Carnoustie, the Gala Week Committee, Carnoustie Canine Capers and others. Once general approval of the draft constitution had been obtained, a number of people living or working in Carnoustie, with useful and relevant backgrounds, skills, and experience were approached to join the Interim Board for the purposes of getting CCDT formally established and registered with Companies House.

CCDT Articles of Association – PDF

The undernoted six people agreed to take on the role of Interim Directors:

Donald Currie, Headmaster at Carnoustie High School.

Neil McKenzie, former Head of Property Services for Angus Council, now retired.

Anne McKeown, a partner with Thorntons, Solicitors, a member of Arbroath FC’s Board, member of the SFA’s league management committee, and a Director of the Café Project in Arbroath.

Derek Miller, former Head of Administration for Dundee City Council, currently working on community planning projects in Dundee, and Chair of local charity, Carnoustie Barry and Panbride Sick Nursing Association.

David Sawers, former Chief Executive of Angus Council, with extensive high level of experience in local and national government business and processes.

Peter Thornton, a retired GP, well known in the community and involved in Carnoustie Church’s plans to make its buildings and halls more accessible as community facilities.

Derek Miller was appointed as Chair, and David Sawers as Treasurer.

Prior to the Trust’s first AGM later in the summer of 2017, nominations will be invited from among the current membership of the Trust (standing at 220 at the time of setting up this website) to bring the Board up to its full strength of 12. If there are more nominations than places available, a ballot will be held among those present and entitled to vote at the AGM.