Get Involved

The clue is in the name – Carnoustie COMMUNITY Development Trust. Set up to deliver the expressed wishes of the community via the town Charrette, the Big Carnoustie Conversation in 2015. Comprising members of the community, led by a Board of Directors drawn from the community, and in due course elected by the community of members of the Trust.

To everyone in Carnoustie and district, this is YOUR Community Development Trust. Based on the same geographical boundaries as Carnoustie Community Council, we exist to help empower the community to influence the environment and economy of the town in which we all live and/or work, bring up our families, and care for our elderly or infirm relatives.

Membership is entirely free to everyone aged 16 or over who resides or works within the trust’s boundaries

Membership is entirely FREE TO EVERYONE AGED 16 OR OVER WHO RESIDES OR WORKS WITHIN THE Trust’s boundaries (see map here) and joining is simply making a statement of support for the idea of there being a body which seeks to attract inward investment in the form of grants for example, to develop facilities, infrastructure, or events which contribute to the environment, economy, and well-being of Carnoustie. Angus

Every new member improves our funding chances

Council and funding bodies like Big Lottery have acknowledged that the more members we have, in other words the more members of the Carnoustie Community we represent, the more ‘clout’ we’ll have.

Elsewhere in this website you’ll find details of a number of projects we are, and will be, tackling on your behalf. Most of them came from the charrette, but others have cropped up since. We will invite public views and comments on some projects, and have included a section on this website where Carnoustie people can suggest others going forward.

Skills and advice are very welcome

If anyone sees a project that appeals to their own interests or passions – wildlife, keeping fit, local heritage, etc etc, and you’d be interested in being involved by joining a working group charged with designing and planning that project, including identifying sources of funding, then here is your chance to GET INVOLVED! Simply use the general enquiries form to get in touch to tell us about your interest and offer your services. Strictly on a voluntary basis!

For example, when we set out to install interpretation boards at the Seafront, we had hoped to involve local schools and bird and wildlife enthusiasts but Covid prevented that from happening. We did however reach out to the RSPB representative on the Barry Buddon Conservation Group and sea life experts at the MacDuff Aquarium on what birds and rockpool residents to highlight. Hopefully, we can get schools and locals involved on work on local footpaths around the town and landward area and the flora and fauna to be enjoyed there.

Your chance to help improve your community

But importantly, if you haven’t already done so, turn to the membership application form (click here), fill it in and submit it either on-line. It’s FREE and that easy! There is even an opportunity for local organisations or businesses to join as non-voting Associate members and in so doing, demonstrate the support of the business community and the voluntary sector for our work. Associate membership is also FREE (click here to apply). We hope to involve younger members of the community (under 16) through involvement in projects in partnership with local schools.