Summer Fun 2018 – Regular Meetings

We are in the process of making plans that we’d like the local Community Groups, Business and People to get behind and get involved in.

We’re calling the project Summer Fun 2018.

You may already be aware of the Business Brochure that we are putting together to support businesses in
the run up to the 147th Golf Open, another part of this project is to decorate the High Street and organise a free concert for the residents of the town and that’s what these weekly meetings are to discuss and plan.

This year we’d like to work together with the local groups who are involved in the street decoration and
enhance all the fantastic work that everyone involved does.

We have secured donations from Angus Council and Carnoustie Golf Links to fund the plans and take a
collaborative approach to how we work together to decorate our town centre and plan the concert.
Each of us has an important role to play in making our town a vibrant, fun and colourful place to be:

To keep everyone informed and prevent duplication we are asking that one person from each organisation work with us on the final plans.

Carnoustie Community Development Trust will coordinate the plans, the activity and the budget, however, whoever you choose to nominate as your groups representative, must be empowered by your organisation to represent the views of’ your group and to take decisions on behalf of your organisation

To find out more, come along on Monday 19th February and event Monday evening there after 6pm – 8pm in the CO OP Community Room.

Carnoustie Trust Events Team