Voting Open to pick new festival name

Our Carnoustie and The Courier (see pic) are helping us spread the word that voting is open to help us pick the name for our new annual festival.  Closing date for votes is Mon 14th May.

The festival does not replace the Gala Week celebrations instead we want to add something new to the Carnoustie calendar to compliment the great success the Gala Committee have achieved over the years.  The new annual festival is something we’d like to do every year in the Summer (and ideally as a street festival which wasn’t possible this year due to the Open traffic plans).

We wanted the new annual festival to happen on the last Saturday of the Open as a ‘thank-you’ to residents for their generosity in hosting the 147th Open – the festival will be free to attend but you will need to register in advance to get your wristband.

The 147th Open means we have 177k extra people in town that week so it’s a great chance to showcase our town and our businesses to these visitors.  We’re hoping businesses on the High St will seize the opportunity to create a vibrant nightlife in the town that visitors will post on social media all around the world… helping us put Carnoustie Community on a global stage alongside the golf.

Local residents will have 2 great experiences this July – Gala Day 7th July and then our new summer festival 21st July.  CCDT have been talking to Gala Committee; Community Council; Our Carnoustie and Colourful Carnoustie to start thinking about a monthly events calendar and how our major annual events (Gala/Christmas and this new summer festival fit and work together to benefit local people).