Back when the charrette took place, top of the list of priorities for Carnoustie residents was a civic space or town square. The remaining part of the former Kinloch School site was the obvious contender, but the Council was focused on being able to sell the site. Various bidders showed interest but deals kept falling through. Frustratingly, just as CCDT identified potential funding to purchase the site for a town square project via the Scottish Land Fund, the Council decided to designate it as a site for social housing. There are limited options for developing a civic space/facility but CCDT will continue to monitor any options which may crop up. We did think there might be an opportunity when Carnoustie Church put the Philip Hall up for sale but by the time we got confirmation there was a strong possibility of Scottish Land Fund support, the Church Session felt unable to delay their project and so declined our request to delay the marketing of the hall to allow us to complete negotiations for funding for a communtiy purchase. This was disappointing, but it won’t stop us from looking for other opportunities to improve Carnoustie’s infrastructure for the benefit of it’s residents and visitors.